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Before becoming a Jungian analyst, Dr. Peter Demuth spent decades as a Forensic Psychologist, studying, evaluating, and treating violent criminals.  In this book, he brings his forensic experience and Jungian depth training to the analysis of famous literary monsters.

Dr. Demuth is a compelling storyteller himself, and you will find yourself fascinated—and reflecting on the dark side of human nature that is a potential in each of us and in those we encounter in everyday life.

He introduces readers to concepts as psychological allergies, dark and light psychological adaptation, the behavioral chain, the effects of behavioral reinforcement, the existence of free will, and the ever important, yet often overlooked  necessity of mature, healthy ego strength in the management of everyday life.  He then meticulously sketches out the multiple factors that go into shaping an individual’s emotional and moral development and discusses the impact of important Jungian concepts such as archetypes, the shadow, and complexes. Dr. Demuth takes an up-close look at psychopathy and its intersection with violence, introducing several well researched psychological assessment instruments to show how important diagnostic distinctions are made.

Dr Demuth then explores the stories of literary monsters whose driving characteristics will inevitably manifest in the lives of actual individuals. Each story is told and discussed in depth.

MONSTERS in Life and Literature by Peter Demuth

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