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Cultural Perspectives

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Moshe Alon (Israel)
Analytical Treatment of Children and Adolescents in a Country Fraught with Contradiction and Conflicts

Lucia Azevedo (Brazil)
Jungian Child Analysis in Brazil

Elena Bortuleva and Viktoria Andreeva (Russia)
On the Russian Culture and Family

Mei-Fang Huang (Taiwan)
Child Analysis in Taiwan (The Republic of China)

Batya Brosh Palmoni (Israel)

The Womb of the Mother Spews Out the Führer

Audrey Punnett (United States)
This Land was Made for You and Me: Encountering the Other in the United States of America

Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa (Romania)
The Children of the Children of  Collective Trauma

Caterina Vezzoli (Italy)
Child Analysis in Italy: Play, Creativity, Individuation


This unique book describes how family heritage, national history and culture influence children and youth and inform their development and relationships. In this book, Jungian child and adolescent analysts from the United States, Brazil, Italy, Romania, Russia, Israel and Taiwan describe cultural, historical and familial factors particular to their countries.  
Via case studies, they show how these factors are embedded in the psyche.  The analysts describe how deep knowledge of the traumatic elements of the history of

their nation and of traditional and cultural and family values illuminates their work with children, adolescents, and their families. In the case material, they illustrate how these factors can aid or impede the therapy.Their insights not only enhance the work of therapists, but also encourage every reader to look deeper into their own national, cultural, and family history.  This deeper look can lead to greater understanding of the Other, as we meet the Other within ourselves, in our work, and in the larger community.

about the editor

Audrey Punnett, Ph.D. is a Jungian Child, Adolescent, and Adult analyst, who trained at the C.G. Jung Institute - Zurich. She is now a member of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

Dr. Punnett is also a teaching member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy.She also edited Jungian Child Analysis, also available on Amazon.



The authors have done a remarkable job in presenting their work as Jungian child and adolescent analysts and psychotherapists within diverse cultural contexts. This book provides a unique view of the impact of culture and cultural complexes upon individual development and analytical treatment in a number of different countries and is the first book of its kind in the Jungian child and adolescent world. The contributions from a broad range of gifted international Jungian analysts and psychotherapists are deeply moving and engaging, and essential reading for those who work with infants, children, and adolescents from different cultural backgrounds. It is an inspiring book for all those who are interested in Jungian child and adolescent analysis, as it combines detailed clinical descriptions along with a depth of theoretical insight integrating the work of Neumann, Fordham, and contemporary Jungian child and adolescent analysts.
—Brian Feldman, Ph.D.
Child, Adolescent and Adult Jungian Analyst;

infant observation seminar leader, past Chief Psychologist Child Psychiatry, Stanford University Medical Center, Visiting Professor in Russia, China, and Senegal





This timely book brings together seven clinical and cultural perspectives on Jungian analysis with children and adolescents. Using the frame of “participant observer”, editor and analyst Audrey Punnett opens for readers a door onto the many ways for integrating culture, shadow, cultural complexes, and “others” into child analysis.

The authors in this fine collection explain how their unique cultural traditions and histories affect their practices with children and adolescents. Virtually any child and adolescent psychotherapist or analyst will find this book refreshing, engaging, and speaking to both the spirit and troubles of our current times.

—Robert Tyminski, DMH
Jungian Adult and Child & Adolescent Analyst (IAAP), author of The Psychological Effects of Immigrating: A Depth Psychological Perspective on Relocating to a New Place


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