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Norma Churchill's paintings are best seen in this large format edition.


This is a narrative of symbolic journeys in which Churchill was shown the wounds lying beneath the "progress" of modern culture. Her paintings take us with her into the presence of the beings and scenes she encountered. Norma is a participant in her visions, and she depicts herself in her paintings, showing us the surprise, wonder, ecstasy, and intense, physically-felt suffering of her visionary experience.


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8.25" x 10" printed on standard paper. This version is printed and distributed in many countries by Amazon.



JOURNEY TO SNAKEWOMAN - 8.25" x 10" Printed by Amazon 60# paper

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  • The two wide format versions are shrink-wrapped. You may return your book if you have not opened it or if you open the shrink wrap and discover a defect in the book. Contact us at

Journey to Snakewoman
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