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Publishing Your Work


March 20, 2022

My apologies to authors: I am taking a sabbatical from accepting new books for publication while I take on some additional professional responsibilities.

--Dyane Sherwood


We publish a limited number of books and give each book our careful attention.

In order to create your book with care and accuracy, we require our authors to submit a professionally copy-edited manuscript, images formatted to our specifications, and permissions in the appropriate format.

We refer to the Chicago Manual of Style, Humanities Style, which you can find online.

Please consider whether you are prepared to pay for certain pre-publication costs for your book, including a contract signing fee, design and typesetting, indexing, and professional proofreading. We can help you prepare images for press, as well, for an hourly fee. The costs will depend on the complexity of your project and any changes you make after submitting your final, ready-to-go-to-press manuscript.


Please note:

If your book is accepted for publication, the order in which we prepare it for publication is based upon the date of contract signing and the date on which all of your materials are submitted in press-ready form.

Inquiry re: Publication
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