Norma Churchill

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 Norma Churchill, now in her late 80s, experienced a remarkable series of visions beginning in the 1970s. She has presented her work at conferences on shamanism and at Jung Institutes, and she has published in Jung Journal and The Shamans Drum.


Norma has spent the last two decades distilling her experience and choosing among her hundreds of paintings on rice paper, in preparation for this book.

The late analyst and scholar of shamanism and Navaho healing ceremonies, Donald Sandner, was Norma's friend and mentor. Dr. Sandner lectured on her visions: their symbolism and their significance for contemporary culture.

This is a narrative of symbolic journeys in which Churchill was shown the wounds lying beneath the "progress" of modern culture. Her paintings take us with her into the presence of the beings and scenes she encountered. Norma is a participant in her visions, and she depicts herself in her paintings, showing us the surprise, wonder, ecstasy, and intense, physically-felt suffering of her visionary experience.



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