WELCOME from the Editor and Publisher, Dyane Sherwood

Our mission is to publish a small number of books of real value that would not have a wide enough readership for a commercial publisher or which would be too expensive for readers when published by a commercial publisher.


I am involved in every step of the preparation of each book, to see that the aesthetics of the design and placement of images are in harmony with the content. I also personally do some email promotion, primarily to Jungian analysts and sandplay therapists but also to my own contacts and those of the author.

To assure quality of printing, books distributed in the US are custom-printed by a printer that specializes in books for university presses, art books, and artist's books. (Visit the Publications for more information about international orders.)

The press is a project that I am doing part time in addition to be an author, teacher, and foremost a practicing analyst and sandplay therapist. Because I am actively involved in the work about which I will be publishing, it is my hope that I will be able to be of service to the fields I love--that is, to their authors and our readers.

Finally, I have started a BLOG page and invite you to participate.

To contact me or for information about publishing, use the links below.