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EGO: The Ultimate Deity

Reflections on the Genius of the Self, Its Madness, Its Genius


Written by Pierre Willequet


The most complex discoveries, as well as the worst tragedies, have their origins in a universal psychic organ: the ego. However, in psychological and psychoanalytical literature, this instance has not been sufficiently analyzed or even described. Yet it is a fundamental part of psychic life, with which the subject identifies on all occasions. In other words, the individual thinks of himself as an ego, without realizing that it is not the only active entity in the overall psychic economy. For this reason, it is imperative to offer a careful reading of the main egotic mechanisms, not only to gain a critical understanding of them, but also to understand how essential they are to our ability to situate ourselves in the world. Far from a purely pejorative understanding of the phenomenon, as found in naive interpretations that propose to "kill" the ego - which is impractical - the book suggests a clinical understanding, as broad as possible, without underestimating its excesses or hegemonic tendencies.


This refreshing book is engaging and provocative! It is an opportunity for the English language reader to experience Jungian work from the point-of-view of a seasoned European analyst.

EGO: The Ultimate Deity

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