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10: 00 Welcome and check in

Designate a note taker

(rotation: Boris, Dan, Kevin, Mary, Victoria. Warren*, Jerry) *already took notes

Approve minutes of June 2022 Meeting

President's Introduction & Report

10:30 Treasurer's Report - Grady Vaughan

            Statement of Financial Position

            FY 1st Q23 budget vs actual

11:00-11:15 Break


11:15 Report from ATP Director, Warren Sibilla

11:30 Report from JPP/JSP Director, Dan Ross

11:45 Report from Development Committee, Mary Dougherty

12:00-12:15 Break

12:15 Financial measures requiring motions & votes

1. Report of ad hoc Committee on Fees - Dan Ross

2. Holiday Party funding $2300 to be held at Amrit Thai near Institute

3. Proposals to increase funding for administrative positions during this transitional year.

    a. ATP Director - increase from $8000 to $18000.

    b. JPP/JSP Directors now share $15,000. Increase to $18,000.

    c. President now receives $12,000 ($8000 if President-Elect is identified)

       She will leave any increase up to the Board and recuse herself from      discussion.

The next Board Meeting will be on November 18, 10-1,

in person to be held at the Institute or a members home, tbd.

Additional Reports to be considered at the November meeting

Program Committee


Proposed Memorandum of Understanding with the Foundation


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